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Smart Timers and Relay Controls

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Best Smart Timers & Relay Controls

The best smart timers and relay controls start with our Toolbox
of Solutions, where you’ll find products offering fine-tuned
system control.

Our Products are designed to integrate as a total electronic solution. Let us help you create a customized solution by integrating our products to give you the precise functionality and control you need.

The Right Tools for The Right Applications



Time Delay Relay

Our VCM product line offers a variety of solutions for fine-tuned system control. Available with customized programs, VCM timers can simplify complex circuit applications, modernize electromechanical systems, and dependably perform a wide array of electrical functions. They're also compact, affordable and easy to install.



Low Voltage Disconnect

Our Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) monitors battery voltage, which is an indication of its state of charge. When the battery voltage drops to a critical level, the LVD automatically disconnects non-critical loads from the battery, thereby preventing further battery discharge. This ensures the battery has sufficient charge to restart the engine.



Smart Power Relay

Our VCMR product line combines the flexibility of our solid-state VCM modules with a relay that gives users both normally-open and normally-closed contacts, for situations where electrical noise is severe or where power may be turned off for long periods of time. The microprocessor controller allows the same level of timer customization that you expect with the VCM.

Key Features:

  • Standard automotive relay pin format
  • Compact size with
    panel-mount bracket
  • Customized programs available

Key Features:

  • No moving parts to cause arcing and electrical noise
  • Sealed construction resists mechanical shock and vibration
  • VCM-12 covers low current with a rating of 20 amps

Key Features:

  • Uses both Normally-Closed and Normally-Open contacts
  • For your electrically noisy environments
  • Custom programs available


Programmable Control Module

Our customizable ReFlex module gives you more capabilities and power for controlling loads, timer functions and DC motors, all in a rugged, connectorized case. The ReFlex family of module builds upon the capabilities of our VCM series for a better level of flexibility in vehicle load control and allows multiple functions to be programmed into one compact module.



Smart Power Relay

Whether you need to simplify your vehicle's wiring or power system or simply want flexible control over multiple devices, such as change of direction alarms and more, the VCM-13 is a smart and affordable solution. It's available in a variety of standard and custom configurations and functions.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Molex MX-150 connector for easy installation
  • Select models allow CAN bus communication
  • Eliminates need for bulky relay banks

Key Features:

  • Three inputs and two outputs that can be logically controlled to suit your needs
  • Compact and durable
  • Takes the place of multiple relays for better control
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Our products are designed to intergrate as a total electronic solution

From cost- and space-saving solutions to more complex configurations, we’ve helped our customers maximize the efficiency and performance of their electronic systems. Learn more about these solutions and how we can apply our breadth of knowledge for you.

Work with us to get a personalized assessment of your electronic system needs. You’ll find we make the grade when it comes to competitive pricing, on-time delivery, easy installation and reliable performance.

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