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Vehicle Control Systems

Think Inside the Box For the
Best Vehicle Control Systems

The best vehicle control systems start with our Toolbox of Solutions, where you’ll find customizable control of auxiliary devices.

Our Products are designed to integrate as a total electronic solution. Let us help you create a customized solution by integrating our products to give you the precise functionality and control you need.

The Right Tools for The Right Applications


VCMS II System

Customizable Control System

Our VCMSII modules provide maximum control, flexibility and value, whether part of a networked system or as stand-alone units. They are available as switch modules and power modules. Molex MX-150 series sealed connectors ensure a rugged and protected wiring installation.



Fully Programmable Module

The PM1 can operate as a stand-alone module, and even with your own switches. This system can be configured for a wide range of applications to control lights, beacons, fans, compressors and other 12-volt devices.


Switch Panels

Programmable Switch Panel and Control System

This customizable advanced solution is ideal for controlling electrical auxiliary devices such as lights, air conditioners, audio equipment, sirens, warning lamps, pumps and fast idle control from any location. Because it's modular, it comes in separate elements that can be programmed to work together to meet your exact needs.

Key Features:

  • Eight programmable power inputs
  • DC power outputs with overcurrent and short-circuit fault shutdown protection
  • Switch modules have customizable backlit legends

Key Features:

  • Eight 12-volt 15 amp power outputs
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Digital inputs can be activated remotely

Key Features:

  • Minimal installation time and
    hardware requirements
  • Customized control of 12-volt devices
  • Thin profile with backlit switches

VCMS Systems

Original Custom Control Solution

Customizable programming to control what you want, how you want it, and scaleable from simple to complex. It is a highly flexible control center for the vehicle, for all functions or only select functions, while minimizing installation time and hardware needs. The VCMS is a smart solution for lowering your vehicle costs and getting the exact functionality wanted.



Wireless RF Control

Our radiofrequency receiver module with key fob provides you with the convenience of remote control for operating your vehicle's auxiliary devices. It features eight push buttons and operates on a frequency of 433 MHz with a range of up to 1,000 feet.

Key Features:

  • Smart control of any remote 12 volt devices
  • Standard configurations for simple applications
  • Custom configurations for more advanced needs

Key Features:

  • Convenient wireless control
  • Custom legends available
  • Momentary fob inputs
Let Us Help

Our products are designed to intergrate as a total electronic solution

From cost- and space-saving solutions to more complex configurations, we’ve helped our customers maximize the efficiency and performance of their electronic systems. Learn more about these solutions and how we can apply our breadth of knowledge for you.

Work with us to get a personalized assessment of your electronic system needs. You’ll find we make the grade when it comes to competitive pricing, on-time delivery, easy installation and reliable performance.

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