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We are a single-source provider for our customers, often serving as a technical resource for unique applications that require a customized solution. We have built a strong reputation for reliability and make customer service a priority, working hard to earn your business and your trust.


InPower utilizes advanced technology to
design and manufacture cost-effective, robust, and high-quality products that exceed
customers’ expectations.


At Inpower, we take challenges head-on.

You might say it’s in our blood, dating back to our founders, Jim Sullivan and John Melvin, whose unique and never-been-done-before product ideas inspired InPower into existence back in 2002. We’ve worked with that same drive ever since, constantly striving to find novel ways to solve problems that have bedeviled electrical systems in the vehicle industry for decades while also helping solve new technical challenges as they crop up.

We’ve spent years building a tool kit of circuit designs and solutions for the most common electrical needs for all types and sizes of work vehicles. And because of the intelligence built into our designs, nearly all our products can be customized or modified in the software, adding far more benefit than anyone might think possible.

Our design staff continues to be at the forefront of electronic system innovation, launching many industry firsts in technology.

As a single-source provider for our customers, we often serve as a technical resource for unique applications that require a customized solution. Because we design and manufacture everything at our own facility in central Ohio, we have the freedom to try out new approaches and provide our customers with only the most effective products for their needs.

Likewise, you won’t find a more capable, technically savvy team of engineers than ours. Well-known for their experience and deep knowledge of vehicle issues, they thrive on the challenge of creating reliable, cost-effective, long-lasting solutions that keep your vehicles running beyond their life expectancy.


Bring us a challenge and we’ll find a solution one way or another. We don’t know how to do it any other way.



Our expert team has an innovative spirit and extensive technical savvy. When you work with any of our team members from our engineers to our sales and support teams, you can count on personal attention and the highest quality service.

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