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Our Customization Options Put You in Control

Dec 1, 2023

At InPower, our engineers like to find new ways to solve problems that have troubled the vehicle industry for decades, while also addressing new technical challenges that crop up. Our engineering expertise and deep knowledge of vehicle issues, combined with our rapid design capabilities, and our onsite manufacturing and testing abilities, make product customization a standard option for our customers. We also view it as an opportunity to create new product families and build long-term business partnerships.     

There are two main ways our products can be customized: 

  1. Easily customize one of our off-the-shelf products with software programming 
  2. Start-from-scratch designing, testing, and manufacturing 

Custom Software Programming 

Instead of delivering simply the bare minimum asked for by the customers, our engineers look ahead and think through the many ways a single design can be adapted to multiple uses and situations. That’s why we have created a wide range of standard products that feature easily customizable software, enabling us to quickly provide compact, total electronic solutions that easily integrate into our customers’ current systems, and give them the precise functionality and control they need.  

These customizable circuits were designed from the outset to be flexible and adaptable. When engineering developed the software, they designed in certain variables that could be changed as needed for individual customers and special situations. Most of the time with this setup, adjusting a parameter here, or shifting a parameter there, requires only a couple of quick modifications.  

This gives InPower’s customers compact, reliable, and long-lasting products that have been adapted to their own particular needs, making for cleaner and simpler, and especially more efficient designs that will stand the test of time. 

Start from Scratch Customization 

Sometimes we’re approached with a problem that goes beyond our standard products and requires a completely new solution. If the request is within Inpower’s wheelhouse to solve, we’ll explore working with customers to build it. This process can take multiple months from start to finish but can result in creating a high-value product that extends the life expectancy of your vehicles.  

When we do make the decision to partner with a customer in designing a new solution, we follow a specific process:  

  1. Discovery Stage: We begin by asking questions, discussing, and understanding your requirements, often uncovering or anticipating other needs you may not have considered. 
  2. Evaluation Stage: Here we determine which InPower product best fits your unique application, or whether an entirely new approach may be needed. We also discuss your budgetary expectations and development schedule. 
  3. Proof of Concept: You can test our products on your vehicles. 
  4. Results Profiling: Based on your feedback, we make modifications to provide you with the best solution. 
  5. Final Production: All units are delivered to your exact specification. 
  6. Final Results: We provide a customized, proven solution, often yielding cost savings and improved efficiency, giving your vehicles an edge while solving problems. 

Read about the successes we had in creating an innovative systems controller for carpet cleaning vans.    

Why InPower? 

Our design staff has been at the forefront of numerous electronic system innovations, including many industry firsts, and has patented several technologies that set our products apart from the competition. Chances are, if you’re having an electrical power, interface, or controls issue, we’ve seen it before, and either have a solution ready to go, or something that can be easily adapted. And if you’ve got a unique challenge, we’re able to tackle that too. 

Need something special for your family of vehicles? Contact us to see how easily we can adjust product specs and software to meet your needs. 

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