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12V Alternating Latching Solid State Relay

A two input module that will latch and open output with either a momentary +12Vdc input or a momentary ground input. The two inputs operate as a logical “exclusive” or, so that either input can cause the output to alternately latch or unlatch. The output for the VCM-01 is +12Vdc and is normally open until it receives an input signal for more than 250 milliseconds. The alternating inputs must be removed for one second before being re-applied. The default state is output NO when first powered up.

Latching Solid State Relay, 12V Alternating ( VCM-01 )

Key Features:

  • Max 15 Amp output
  • Power (87A) or ground (87) enabling inputs
  • Standard relay pin format
  • Output over-current protected


  • Operational voltage: +8Vdc to +16 Vdc
  • Compact size: 1.75″” H X 2.3″” W X 1.25″” D
  • -40 C to +85 C operating temperature
  • Processor requires constant +12Vdc power

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

VCM01 Data Sheet

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