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12V DC Power Contactors

The SSC21-100, SSC-150, and SSC200 are part of InPower’s second-generation family of high current solid-state DC contactors.These single-channel power switches are rated at a continuous current rating of 100, 150, and 200 amps respectively. Low on-resistance solid-state switches and high current flyback diodes provide not only outstanding surge current capability for starting high in-rush current loads but also maximum voltage spike suppression for loads.

Markets: Work Trucks, Speciality Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Shuttle Buses

SSC21 Series ( SSC21-100, SSC21-150, SSC21-200 )

Key Features:

  • Sealed case
  • Compact size and low profile
  • Status LED indicator
  • 100% Solid state construction
  • Automatic over-current, under-voltage, and over-temperature fault shutdown protection
  • Loss of ground detection
  • Protective terminal boot option


  • Operating Voltage Range: +7.5 to +20.0 volts
  • Case Maximum Temperature: +185º F (85º C)
  • Low Battery Voltage Trip: +7.25 to +7.50 Vdc for 250 milliseconds on BAT+
  • Loss of Ground Trip: 250 milliseconds
  • Over-Current Trip: 100% to 110% of rated amperage for 500 milliseconds
  • Logic Power Current Draw
  • With Status LED Off: 80 milliwatts
  • With Status LED On: 150 milliwatts
  • Turn-On Delay: 25 milliseconds
  • Turn-Off Delay: 25 milliseconds
  • Control Connector Type: 8-32 stud, brass nuts
  • Control Input Voltage: >+8.0 Vdc to activate, <+4.0 Vdc to deactivate
  • Control Input Resistance: 120 K Ohm to ground
  • BAT+ to LOAD Terminal Leakage Current: 75 microamps maximum
  • Weight: 0.40 lbs (0.181 kg)
  • Dimensions: 4.40 (111.76 mm) x 2.90 (73.66mm) x 1.30 inches (33.02 mm)

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

SSC21 Data Sheet

SSC21 Owners Manual

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