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12V Intelligent Control with Two Relays

This VCMR2-12V Programmable Dual 12V Latching Relay module is similar logically to the RX-0302 series of products but with the addition of two Form-C relay outputs instead of the 12Vdc or GND output. Most of the common Off-Delay, On-Delay or OneShot Timer software can easily be converted to operate in this module.

Custom programs will have some VCMR2-SPCnnn number assigned when the definition is established by engineering and a customer.

Vehicle Control Modules

Key Features:

  • Factory programmable for a wide variety of responses based on the 3 Inputs to activate the relays
  • Provides a programmable response based on the three inputs, logical functions, timers, delays, flashers
  • Low cost with fast and easy installation
  • Fastons for easy integration and troubleshooting


  • Operational voltage is 10-17Vdc
  • Operating temperature of -40F to 185F
  • Processor requires constant +12Vdc power
  • Dimensions: 4.05 L x 2.07 W x 1.03 H inches

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

VCMR-02 12V Data Sheet

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