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24V Alternating Latching Solid State Relay

InPower’s Latching Relays include the VCM-01, at +12 volts, or the VCM-02, at +24 volts, with a 15 amp output. These modules have two inputs, one actuated by a transition to +12 or +24 volts (Input A) and one actuated by a transition to ground (Input B). The two inputs operate as a logical “exclusive or,” so that either input can cause the output to latch or unlatch.

Latching Solid State Relay, 24V Alternating ( VCM-02 )

Key Features:

  • Dual inputs – ground and +24 volts
  • Used with momentary control switches
  • Over-current protection
  • Short-circuit shut-down protection


  • Operational voltage: +8Vdc to +16 Vdc
  • Compact size: 1.75’H X 2.3″” W X 1.25″” D
  • -40 C to +85 C operating temperature
  • Processor requires constant +12Vdc power

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

VCM02 Data Sheet

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