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Intelligent 12V LVD with Customizable Timer and Voltage Functions

The VCM-12 is a solid-state low voltage disconnect. It operates by passing power and ground though the module which will automatically disconnect the load when low voltage is detected. The VCM 12 monitors voltage and remains on when voltage is above 13.25 Vdc. When voltage drops below 12.8 Vdc, a timer is activated and if remains below 12.8 Vdc and timer expires, the output will go off. If the voltage drops below 11.8 Vdc during the timer period, the output will go off immediately. When the input voltage returns to above 13.25 Vdc the VCM 12 will automatically reset to On.

VCM-12-1-05M, VCM-12-1-02H, VCM-12-1-30M, VCM-12-1-60M

Low Voltage Alarm ( VCM-12 SPC67 )

Key Features:

  • Four pin connection splitting power and ground circuits
  • 20 Amp output with over-current protection
  • Automatic operation
  • Sealed construction
  • Custom voltage settings are available on request


  • Operational voltage: 8 Vdc to 16 Vdc
  • The output goes Off if voltage reaches 11.8 Vdc for 120 seconds
  • Operational temperatures: -40 C to +85 C
  • 20 Amp output rating, over-current protected
  • Size: 2.3″”W X 1.75″” H X 1.25″” D
  • Custom timers available
  • Custom voltage settings available

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

VCM-12 SPC67 Data Sheet

VCM-12 90D Data Sheet

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