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Low Voltage Disconnects for High Current Applications

InPower’s Model LVD21-100, -150, and -200-60S Series Low Voltage Disconnects automatically disconnect 12-volt loads from the battery when the battery voltage drops below 11.5Vdc for 60 seconds, leaving enough charge for the vehicle to be restarted by removing the power draw on the battery. They are available in 100 Amp, 150 Amp, and 200 Amp capacities (the LVD21-100-60S, LVD21-150-60S, and LVD21-200-60S respectively). Custom time and voltage trip points can be programmed too.

Intelligent Low Voltage Disconnect (the LVD21-100-60S, LVD21-150-60S, and LVD21-200-60S, respectively)

Key Features:

  • Prevents excessive battery discharge by automatically disconnecting loads
  • 100% solid-state design – No moving parts to cause arcing and electrical noise
  • Automatic shutdown protection for short circuits, overcurrent, loss of ground, and high temperature
  • Control, override, and clear fault input
  • Resistant to mechanical shock and vibration
  • Compact size and low profile
  • Protective terminal boot option


  • Operating voltage: 9.5Vdc to 18.5Vdc
  • The Standard shut off voltage is 11.5 Vdc for 60 seconds, but time
    and voltage settings are available
  • Ground studs provided for control and input to contactor
  • Power studs are stainless steel 3/8″”-16 with locking nuts provided
  • Size: 4.40 (111.76 mm) x 2.90 (73.66mm) x 1.30 inches (33.02 mm)
  • Over-current trip: 100-110% of rated capacity for 500 milliseconds
  • Loss of ground trip: 250 milliseconds

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

LVD21 Data Sheet

LVD21 Owners Manual

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