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12V Two Channel 35 Amp Power Controller

lnPower’s HD2VCM is a 12V 2x 35 Amp Power Contactor designed to offer precise control for two +12V 35 Amp feeds, allowing seamless switching of loads. This versatile controller is equipped with a microprocessor, enabling it to perform various programmable functions based on customer-specified parameters.

[ HD2VCM, HD2VCM-01,  HD2VCM-03-10SF, HD2VCM-04-10SF, HD2VCM-05-10SF ]

Key Features:

  • Low Power Consumption: If the Control Voltages (IN1,IN2) are not active, current draw is zero.
  • Control: Provides precise control for two +12V 35 Amp feeds, allowing seamless switching of loads.
  • Versatility: Equipped with a microprocessor, enabling the controller to perform various functions based on customer-specified parameters.
  • Comprehensive Functionality: Offers voltage monitoring, current monitoring, low voltage disconnect, and efficient solid-state contactor control, providing a wide range of control options.
  • Command Interface: User-friendly control interface via a 6 Pin Deutsch connector ensuring easy and secure connectivity.
  • Customizable Configuration: InPower’s expert team can assist customers in selecting the appropriate configuration ensuring the best fit for your requirements.


Interface and Control

Battery: J1 Battery – Fused Power from the J1 Stud

No Connect: Pin 1 – No Connection

TBD: Pin 2 – No Connection

Ground: Pin 3 – Solid Battery Ground

No Connect: Pin 4 – No Connection

IN1: Pin 5 – Control Interface (12V True)

IN2: Pin 6 – Control Interface (12V True)

Input Output Specifications

Output Drive: dual 35 amp at 12Vdc

12V Switched Outputs:

OUT1 12V 35 Amp,

OUT2 12V 35 Amp

IN1 and IN2: 12V True Control Input for the Output

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions: 3.4 L x 1.88 W x 1.12 H inches

Operating Temp: -40oF to 185oF

Mechanical Drawings:




Product Literature and Resources:

HD2VCM Data Sheet

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