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2019+ GM Start/Stop High Idle Controller

InPower SS-GM-02 Start Stop Series Module is designed to provide Start/Stop Functionality for (Diesel Only) GM 2019+ C4500 – C6500 and Diesel Navistar CV vehicles with the factory installed PTO Option and Remote PTO Controls Enabled (GM Bulletin 120).

With proper application of the SS-GM-02 GM Start/Stop Control Module, the user will be able to implement a reliable system that will provide integrated Start/Stop control of their GM chassis.

Markets: Work Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Speciality Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Shuttle Buses

Control Module

Key Features:

  • Selection of two selectable RPM inputs via SS-GM-02 (values programmed by GM Techtool); GM PTO Controller provides standby RPM (default 950 RPM) when PTO is ON.
  • Provides a clean, reliable Start/Stop/High Idle interface for 2019+ GM C4500 – C6500 and Navistar CV vehicles with factory installed PTO option and remote PTO controls enabled
  • Plug-and-Play harness connects to chassis PTO upfitter connector – also provides blunt cut wires for the PTO connections (to address different PTO manufacturers)
  • Compact size with frame rail mountable case
  • Designed to be waterproof to IP66 (dust proof, hard spray resistant)



  • Power Input (BAT): +11 to 16 Vdc
  • Ground (GND): Connection to vehicle ground (battery negative) through PTO connector
  • Outputs are PTO-CTL 6A@12V, OUT 2 6A@12V, OUT 3 3A@12V

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Easy to Install
Plug-&-Play Harness (included)

Connects to chassis PTO Upfitter connector. Blunt-cut wires are provided for the PTO connections to address variances among PTO manufactures.

Product Literature and Resources:

SS-GM-02 Data Sheet

SS-GM-02 Owners Manual


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