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2020-2022 Start/Stop High Idle Controller for Ford Vehicles

InPower SS-FD-02 and SS-FD-03 Start Stop Series Module is designed to provide Start/Stop functionality for 2020 or newer Ford vehicles. Utilizing Ford SEIC signal inputs and outputs, the SS-FD-02 simplifies installation and eliminates common wiring errors. It also eliminates the need for multiple relays for remote stop and start, time delay, PTO REQ1 and PTO interlock, and is available in a fully customizable version. With proper application of the SS-FD-02 Ford Start/Stop Control Module, the user will be able to implement a reliable system that provides integrated Start/Stop control of their Ford chassis.

Control Module

Key Features:

  • Two preset RPMs are available for command, along with integrated PTO relay. RPMs are user re-programmable from factory presets
  • Eight diagnostic LEDs to aid in troubleshooting
  • Provides a clean, reliable Start/Stop/High Idle interface for 2020+ Ford vehicles
  • Module ships with one cable containing three groups of wires, which connect to the SEIC connector
  • Compact, lightweight and low-profile with Panel Mount case to be mounted near the steering column


SS-FD-02 (default)

  • Inputs – All +12 volts True; BAT Group 2 (Red) 80mA Iq
  • Outputs – Ignition, PTO
  • GND Group 2 (Black) connects to battery ground
  • 950 Preset select, (Default speed)


Contact InPower for custom configurations to meet your specific needs.

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Easy to Install
One cable containing three groups of wires, which connect to the SEIC connector (Group 3), is included. Group 1 (Blunt Cut Wires) connects to the Ignition Switch, and then Group 2 (Blunt Cut Wires) provides control interfaces to the SS-FD-02.

Product Literature and Resources:

SS-FD-02 Data Sheet

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