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200 Amp Solid State Smart Battery Isolator

InPower’s 3rd generation of Auxiliary Battery Switches are a radical design that incorporates Cool Terminal Technology to run cooler than ever, in a smaller package. And InPower’s Load Logic software can handle the high inrush current demands of large resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads on the auxiliary circuit. The ABS3 provides for alternator charging of the auxiliary battery and isolation of auxiliary battery loads, preventing these loads from discharging the primary chassis battery.

Markets: Work Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Speciality Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles

High Current Switches (ABS3-200A, ABS3-200B, ABS3-300)

Key Features:

  • Ideal auxiliary battery isolation
  • Bidirectional charging
  • LED Indicator – Switch Status (On/Off)
  • Boost start the vehicle from the auxiliary battery if the chassis battery voltage is low
  • LoadLogic technology – Compensates for different loads (load startup and faults)
  • Solid-state – No moving parts
  • Extremely efficient – No need for a massive heat sink
  • Over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection

Other Models:


  • Logic power current: 3.8 milliamps
  • Operational voltage: +7.0 Vdc to +18.0 Vdc
  • Over-Current Trip: 205 Amps +/- 2 amps (for 1 Sec)
  • Dimensions: 4.125” W x 4.125”L x 1.437”H
  • Power terminals: 3/8 – 16 Brass Bolts with Copper Washers
  • Power terminal torque: 10 to 15 Foot Pounds
  • Ground stud: 8-32 Ground stud for connection
  • Boost stud: 8-32 4-5 Inch Pounds

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Product Literature and Resources:

ABS-3 200A-B Data Sheet

ABS-3 300 Data Sheet

ABS-3 Owners Manual


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