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Auxiliary Battery Switches

ABS2-150, ABS2-175, ABS2-200

The ABS product provides for automatic auxiliary battery control. The ABS provides for alternator charging of the auxiliary battery and the isolation of the auxiliary battery loads preventing these loads from discharging the primary chassis battery.

High Current Switches (ABS2-100; ABS2-150; ABS2-175 and ABS2-200)

Key Features:

  • Bi-directional operation allowing for alternator charge to the auxiliary battery, while also providing for charging of the chassis battery from remote charger on auxiliary battery
  • Boost terminal providing maximum starting power
  • Over-current protected
  • Efficient operation, no massive heat sinks required


  • Logic power current: 5 milliamps
  • Operational voltage: +3.0 Vdc to +18.0 Vdc
  • Over-Current Trip: 100%-110% for 500 millisecond
  • Dimensions: 4.15″” L X 4.15″” W X 1.27″” H
  • Power terminals: Stainless Steel 3/8″” X 16 with lock nuts
  • Power terminal torque: 10 to 15 Ft#
  • Ground stud: 8 X 32 Stainless steel
  • Boost stud: 8 X 32 Stainless steel

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Patent Nos. :
US8749193B1, US7408274B2, US7468876B2, US8058700B1


Product Literature and Resources:

ABS-2 Data Sheet


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