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GM Start/Stop Control Module

The SS-GM-01 is a start/stop control module for 2019 and newer C4500-6500 General Motors trucks that are manufactured with Power Takeoff (PTO) and remote PTO controls enabled. With proper application, it provides a fully integrated and reliable system for start/stop control of the chassis engine. When first powered up, the SS-GM-01 will be in Engine Off Mode. When a momentary ground is applied to Input 1, the start/stop module will activate the remote start sequence. Once the engine is running, if a momentary ground is again applied to Input 1, the start/stop module will activate the remote stop sequence. The SS-GM-01 may also be programmed to provide other functions, such as dual voltage monitoring of chassis and auxiliary batteries, and frequency/time measurement.

Control Module

Key Features:

  • Microprocessor programmable operation
  • The SS-GM-01 provides a clean, reliable Start/Stop interface
  • Provides Start/Stop for 2019 and newer C4500-6500 vehicles with factory
  • Harness has with 12 in blunt cut wires provided in kit for easy integration
  • Installed PTO option and remote PTO controls enabled
  • Optional dual voltage monitoring for chassis and aux
  • Compact size with panel-mount case


  • Power Input (BAT): +11 to 16 Vdc
  • Ground (GND): Connection to vehicle ground (battery negative)
  • Outputs are 700mA

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

SS-GM-01 Data Sheet

SS-GM-01 Owners Manual


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