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High Idle for GM Vehicles with Global B Interfaces

InPower’s DBT-GM-B Data Bus Throttle provides high idle engine RPM control for GM light-duty vehicles. It features a plug-and-play design for fast and easy installation. The control module connects to the vehicle’s OBD-II Global B diagnostic connector. The cable also includes blunt-cut wires for the operating mode inputs, the Park output signal, and the speed adjustment.

Data Bus Throttle for GM Vehicles with Global B Interfaces

Key Features:

  • Supports GM light-duty vehicles
  • Low cost with fast and easy installation
  • Automatic charge protect and fixed speed modes
  • Data bus cable connects to OBD-II
  • Global-B connector
  • LED status and diagnostic indicators
  • Customized functions are available


  • Power and ground sourced through the OBDII connector
  • Output: +12 volts @ 3 amps when the vehicle is in PARK
  • RPM Ramp Rates: 350 RPM per second for the engine to go to a
    set point from idle
  • Dimensions: 3.165 x 1.94 x 0.798 inches
  • Charge: +12V to activate
  • RPM presets: +12V to activate

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Product Literature and Resources:

DBT-GM-B Data Sheet

DBT-GM-B Owners Manual

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