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Park / PB Decoder, Ford 2023+

InPower’s DEC-FD23-PB 2023 Ford Super Duty Data Bus Decoder provides discrete PARK BRAKE (GND and 12V True) and PARK signals decoded from the Ford Chassis Data Bus.

These discrete outputs are controlled by an ENABLE (+12 True) signal which enables the PARK BRAKE outputs (Qty 2 – GND and 12V True) and PARK output (Qty 1 GND True). If this Enable signal goes to 0V, the Decoder will turn off the outputs (maintaining the status internally), and go to a low power mode to minimize draw on the battery. When ENABLE is reapplied, the outputs will turn on reflecting the current status.

If the truck PARK BRAKE or PARK status changes, this will wake up the truck and change the DECODER internal status of the PARK BRAKE and PARK. However this change in status will only be available on the Outputs if the ENABLE is true.

Key Features:

  • Provides discrete wires for PARK BRAKE and PARK
  • Uses a 12V ENABLE line turn on Outputs and wake up module.
  • Decodes Data Bus Messages into Discrete Signals (GND and 12V) for a PARK BRAKE and a convenient PARK Signal (GND)
  • For use on 2023+ F250-600 Super Duty Vehicles
  • DEC-FD23-PB Cable connects to the Trailer Brake Controller via a T-Harness to decode messages from the Data Bus.
  • It obtains Power and GND from the OBDII Port
  • Low cost, fast, and easy installation.
  • Customized functions available.

+12 Volts:                                Sourced from OBD-II Connector

Ground:                                   Sourced from OBD-II Connector

Data Bus Connection:             Trailer Brake Controller T-Harness

Enable Input (12V True):        Enables the Outputs for PARK BRAKE and PARK

Park Brake Outputs:               Park Brake (GND True)
Park Brake (12V True)

Park Output:                           Shifter is in PARK (GND True)

Dimensions:                            3.17 L x 1.94 W x 0.8 H inches

Mechanical  Drawing:

System Diagram:

Assembly Drawing:


Product Literature and Resources:

DEC-FD23-PB Data Sheet

DEC-FD23-PB Owners Manual


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