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Stand Alone Throttle

Easy SEIC based high idle system for select 2020+ Ford trucks and vans. InPower’s SAT-LDF20 Throttle provides high idle engine RPM control, using blunt-cut wires, for vehicles with SEIC wiring as part of Ford’s upfitter access wiring. The SAT-LD has a blunt cut wire harness available if no SEIC connector is available for direct connect under the hood connection to available wiring. The LDF20 control module connects to the vehicle’s SEIC connector. The cable also includes blunt-cut wires for the operating mode inputs, RPM1, RPM2Charge, and the speed adjustment whereas the SAT-LD has blunt-cut wires for all interfaces.

Light-Duty Ford Gas and Diesel Vehicle Throttle

Key Features:

  • SAT-LD Cable connects to SEIC connector on vehicles so equipped and has a fully blunt-cut harness for vehicles without
  • The operation is identical to the SAT-LDF20, and the only differentiation is the harness
  • Low cost with fast and easy installation
  • Automatic charge protect and fixed speed modes
  • Adjustable RPM speed settings
  • LED status and diagnostic indicators
  • Customized functions are available



  • +12 volts: Sourced from SEIC connector (SAT-LDF) or from fused ignition source SAT-LD
  • RPM1: +12 volts or ground as determined by software (see ordering guide)
  • RPM2: +12 volts or ground as determined by software (see ordering guide)
  • Ground: Sourced a Good Solid Battery Ground
  • Speed Adjust Input: Adjusts preset RPM to desired value between 900 and 3000 RPM – (SEIC Max), (chassis and engine dependent). Connect to +12V to increment, GND to decrement (50RPM/Sec)
  • Dimensions: 3.17 L x 1.92 W x 0.79 H inches

System Diagram:


Mechanical Drawing:

Product Literature and Resources:

SAT LD Data Sheet

SAT LD Owners Manual

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