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Light Duty Data Bus Throttles

Electronic High Idle Throttles for select Ford (2014-2019) and GM (2014-2023) trucks and vans.
InPower Data Bus electronic high idle throttles are easy to install providing your light-duty applications with programmable high idle engine control. Use the DBT high idle for non-PTO high idle requirements (i.e. clutch pumps, air compressors, heavy lighting loads, etc.)

Data Bus Throttles – Light Duty (LD)
( DBT-LD-01; DBT-LD-02; DBT-LD-03 and DBT-LD-04 )

Key Features:

  • Supports select 2014-2019 Ford light duty trucks, and 2014+ GM light-duty trucks and vans. (Refer to our Throttle Selector to confirm compatibility before ordering)
  • Easy to install for fast installation and low cost
  • Available with charge protect or two preset RPMs
  • Does not require Ford SEIC connections
  • LED status indicators for easy troubleshooting
  • Custom output available by special order
  • Models available for ground or power enable


  • Power and ground sourced through the OBDII connector
  • Output: 3 amp custom output available if needed
  • Adjustable RPM: 900 RPM to 2000 RPM
  • Dimensions: 3.27″ L X 1.92″ W X .79″ H
  • Charge protect is available on the 01, 03, and 04
  • RPM presets: Models 01, 03, 04 have 1 preset and 02 has 2 presets

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Product Literature and Resources:

DBT-LD Data Sheet

DBT-LD Owners Manual

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