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Wheelchair Lift Safety Interlock

The ITM 137 series interlock systems provide the required FMVSS 430/404 interlock functions for public use platform lift installations on GM G-Van series vans and cutaways. They consist of a combined driver’s display and control module with easy to install plug & play blunt cut T-cables. The lift enable is a 1.8 amp max. output compatible with current production Braun, Ricon and Maxon lifts. Driver’s 2″ display provides visual status of door ajar, park, park brake, shift lock and lift enable. If any door is not fully closed, the door ajar indicator will flash.

Chevy and GMC Chassis Platform Lift Interlock (ITM-137)

Key Features:

  • ITM-136 supports Chevy and GM chassis
  • ITM-136 allows for any door to set the shift lock
  • Status LEDs flash to indicate a fault condition
  • 2″ door ajar light for up to four doors
  • Combined driver’s display and control module design
  • ITM-137 only lift door will set the shift lock, the other three door inputs only flash door ajar indicator


  • Supports older model Chevy and GM vans
  • Lift door ground input to interlock (violet)
  • Monitors up to three additional doors for door ajar flashing indicator, no shift lock on three doors ITM 137; ITM 136 all doors set the shift lock
  • Lift enable 1.8 amps maximum, use relay for additional power requirements
  • Size: 3.5″” W X 1.5″” H X .56″” D
  • Operational Voltage: 8 Vdc to 16 Vdc
  • Operational Temperature: -40C to +85C

System Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Product Literature and Resources:

ITM 137 Data Sheet

ITM 137 Owners Manual

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