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2023 F250-F600 Ford Start/Stop/High-Idle Control Module

The SS-FD23-02 is a highly reliable and versatile control module that provides a clean Start/Stop interface for the Ford 2023 F250-F600. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Ford SEIC Signal Inputs and Outputs, eliminating common wiring errors and providing a fully integrated solution for remote Start/Stop functionality.

Start Stop Controls (SS-FD23-01, SS-FD23-02, SS-FD23-02-C, SS-FD23-03, SS-FD23-04)

Key Features:

  • Provides Decoded Park Brake and Park Signals
  • Integrated PTO Relay
  • Two Preset RPMs (RPM-STBY and RPM1) available for high idle command
  • RPM-STBY selected by enabling the unit and RPM1 by one of two interfaces (GND and +12V)
  • User re-programmable preset RPM settings
  • Compact size with panel-mount case for easy installation near the steering column

The SS-FD23-02 is a Super Duty control module that goes beyond Start/Stop functions to provide high idle and PTO when and how you need it. Each module has two user programmable RPM settings (RPM-STBY and RPM1) in addition to Start and Stop capabilities. The RPM1 has two different polarity control interfaces. In addition, it provides decoded PARK and PARK BRAKE signals (GND TRUE).

The module ships with two cables. The first cable harness connects to the SEIC Blunt Cut Wires (Group 3), the Ignition Switch Interface (Group 1) Blunt Cut Wires, and the control and power interfaces blunt cut wires (Group 2) for the SS-FD23-02. The second cable T-Harness connects to the Data Bus at the Trailer Brake Controller Module in order to decode the PARK and PARK BRAKE signals.

The SS-FD23-02 also features 8 diagnostic LEDs that aid in troubleshooting, while the lightweight and low profile design makes installation easy. In addition, the two High-Idle settings (RPM-STBY and RPM1) are user programmable from the initial factory settings and the SS-FD23-02 provides decoded PARK and PARK BRAKE discrete signals.

System Integration Diagram:

Mechanical Drawings:

Integration Diagram:

Ford Start Stop Ignition Install

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