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Throttle Control for 2023+ Ford F250-F600 trucks

InPower’s Ford 2023 F250-F600 Data Bus Throttle (DBT- MDF23) does more than just provide high idle and PTO when and how you need it. It can also output any engine signal you need.

Each module has three adjustable RPM settings and two remote RPM controls, as well as six chassis outputs for signal, such as Park, Park Brake, Reverse, or Engine Run. The DBT-MDF23 provides breakout of PTO Signals for the user, and utilizes Ford SEIC functions and communicates across CAN. It can be wired to a 0 to 5V sensor, or a 2nd (remote) accelerator pedal.

Also Decodes PARK and PARK BRAKE from the Chassis Data Bus.

Markets: Work Trucks, Delivery Vehicles, Speciality Vehicles, Emergency Vehicles, Shuttle Buses, School Buses

 (DBT-MDF23-01, DBT-MDF23-02, DBT-MDF23-03, DBT-MDF23-04, DBT-MDF23-MOD, DBT-MDF23-C)

Key Features:

  • Three Selectable RPMs
  • RPMs are Independently Adjustable
  • Utilizes Ford SEIC Functions
  • Six Engine Signal Outputs
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Decodes Park and Park-Brake Signals

Power Requirements & Notes:

+12 volts:                     Sourced from Blunt Cut Wires

Ground:                        Connects to Solid Battery Ground Blunt Cut Wire

RPM1:                          1500 Preset select – Pink Wire (Group 2 Inputs)

RPM2:                          1200 Preset select – Tan Wire (Group 2 Inputs)

RPM STBY:                 950 Preset select – Violet Wire (Group 2 Inputs)

Speed Adjust Input:   Adjusts preset RPM to desired value between 900 and 3000 RPM – (SEIC Max), Chassis and Engine Dependent).

Adj Preset RPM:         Select RPM1, RPM2, etc to be adjusted with 12VDC, apply +12 to Grey Adjust Wire to increase, apply GND to decrease (50RPM per second) 25 rpm per bump (less than a second)

Dimensions:                4.4 L x 2.62 W x 0.8 H inches

Mechanical Drawings:

Product Literature and Resources:

DBT-MDF23 Data Sheet

DBT-MDF23 Owners Manual

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